Thesis I video from Yang Yang on Vimeo.


“Hand in Hand” is a live interactive installation, using digital puppetry to share the traditional art of shadow puppetry (1). Inspired by the fact that Chinese Shadow Puppetry was included in the Intangible Cultural Heritage List by released UNESCO in 2011. It is a kinect installation, and unlike traditional puppetry in which puppets are controlled by puppeteers with strings. Using their body movements, the audience of “Hand in Hand” will have live interactions with and control over legendary Eastern figures and famed American superheroes. Such an experience differs with that of traditional puppetry in that not only are the puppets controlled by the shadow, which is the essence of this art, but the puppets are also turned into digital characters instead of cut-out figures. Thus, the audience can also become puppeteers. By doing so, the two-dimensional shadow puppetry is turned into a three-dimensional interactive experience.